HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 新年 快樂!


Happy Year of the Rat !!! And, happy beginning of the lunar cycle!

The Rat marks a new 12-year lunar cycle. According to legend he was the first to arrive in the presence of Buddha, heeding his call. Then 11 other animals responded to Buddha’s invitation. Thus, the Mouse is the one that responds most readily to a situation, it is the one that most quickly finds a way out of a problem. He has that property.

Life always presents us with situations that demand our quick response, but this is not always possible. Therefore, let us be inspired by the characteristics of the Rat to act with determination and speed to the problems that will appear in our life. But, for this, we must be ready, attentive, and this condition is achieved through self-correction and self-cultivation. Therefore, practicing the good path, good deeds, good thoughts and good words help us on this path of self-development.

Happy year of the Rat and happy new cycle !!!

新年 快樂!

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